Small Code - Programming school for kids. Scratch, App Inventor, HTML. Let's teach kids how to write programs and how to think as programmer

About Us

Programming school for kids "Small Code" is the place where school childrens from 7 to 16 years learn the basics of programming.

SCRATCH is ideal starting language for learning the basic concepts of programming, and what is more important - how to think as programmer. Programming is not just writing lines of code, it is a way of thinking and problem solving.

To bring programming closer to children, instead of classic typing command approach, Scratch use graphic interface in form of basic commands blocks, that are stack in pile that create program. Using that intuitive approach, kids create, change and execute program.

And for small programmers SCRATCH JR is a platform for learning how to create program. Through interactive and entertaining platform, younger children create its own programs - interactive cartoons on tablets. That way they are learning basic elements of programming, completing a unit from peaces, creating interactive programs.

App Inventor is development environment similar to Scratch, for developing mobile applications. Using intuitive approach, thru GUI commands, children are easily introduced to dynamic world of mobile application development.

HTML is a basic language for creating WEB pages. Knowledge of HTML is basis for other languages for Internet developing..

For gifted kids, we can design a course for other programming languages and developing environments.

Classes are taught in Serbian and English language.